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Body shaping is a complex solution to problems. Visible manifestations of cellulite and body fat, loss of tone and flabbiness of the skin and muscles, loss of clear body contours – all this can be corrected. In our studio, we have carried out procedures that will help you get a beautiful silhouette.

All types of hardware cosmetology cause an impact on subcutaneous fat deposits, muscles, and skin. The procedures are a safe and gentle alternative to the surgical method. A distinctive feature is that manipulations are carried out in the studio and do not take much time.


Endosphères Therapy for body and face

Body contouring

Proffessional cutting edge Skin Care

Laser Hair Removal  

Laser therapy for skin renewal, pigmented Lesions and Vascular dyschromia 


Body fat and cellulite;

Decrease in skin tone and elasticity against the background of weight loss;


Muscle flabbiness;

Stretch marks.

In our studio for body shaping, we offer hardware methods of treatment with Endosphères Therapy® and Wrapping or Swaddling (famous “Whiskey” swaddling) methods.

endospheres therapy treatment

Endosphères Therapy® is a technique and device designed to perform powerful lymphatic drainage according to the protocol of the famous Danish physiotherapist Dr. Emil Vodder – the creator of the world famous method of manual lymphatic drainage massage. The device was crafted in Italy. FDA registered.

Lymph drainage is a physiotherapeutic procedure that removes toxins and excess fluid from the body. The main effect of lymph drainage is to increase the rate of lymph flow. It helps the organs to get rid of breakdown products faster and get more nutrients and oxygen.

The treatment on the Endospheres Therapy® machine is done with the help of sphere gliding oil and takes a little more than one hour, it has a relaxing effect. Already after the first treatment fatigue in the legs disappears and a pleasant feeling of lightness and overall tone appears, thanks to the removal of edema and reduction of fluid stagnation in the tissues. In the following hours, urination becomes more frequent – excess fluid is eliminated from the body.

The Endosphere Therapy® method is the only compression microvibration technology in the world that performs multiple actions:

Deeply stimulates the vascular, metabolic and lymphatic systems while significantly eliminating excess fluid.

Reduces pain and tissue inflammation.

Breaks up fat accumulations, changing the silhouette.

It clearly improves muscle tone through deep work that does not stop at the superficial tissue but uses the muscles as active resistance.

There are also cosmetic effects to the treatment, such as improved skin, toned muscles, and cellulite.

body wrapping

For Body Wrapping Anti Cellulite and Body Contouring, Skin Tightening swaddling treatments, we use effective Austrian cosmetics from the famous STYX family, which are based on natural ingredients.

The composition of this cosmetics includes several types of components. Warming (pepper), fat burning (chestnut extract), moisturizing (agave), nourishing (jojoba oil), tightening (salmon caviar extract).
We use two anti-cellulite methods – wraps and swaddling, which differ in the material used in the work, as well as offering different options.
The word “whiskey” is not included in the official name of swaddling programs with STYX products. This is the “folk” name for swaddling, which appeared due to the unusual effect that this program has on the body. During the wrap, pleasant warmth spreads over the body, and at the end of the procedure, the mood rises to the level of mild euphoria.

The wrap cleanses the body of toxins, and has a beneficial effect not only on the figure but also balances the emotional state, which is important for a resident of a metropolis.

In our studio, you can always get a free consultation with our certified specialist.

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