About us


Once upon a time, there was a woman named Dasha who had a passion for beauty and skincare. She dreamed of opening her own salon where people could receive premium treatments that would make them feel and look their best.

On the other side of the ocean, there lived a woman, Evgeniya, who had a similar dream with a passion for the beauty industry.

Both women from Ukraine and Russia, where they gained a lot of experience in the beauty industry, got to New York to meet here and create a high level of beautician work here.

Thus, in 2021, Dasha’s business acumen and Evgeniya’s creative mind merged and embodied in the name of the Le Daje studio and the confidence that they could build a successful partnership. Together they began to work tirelessly to create the salon of their dreams.

Dasha and Evgeniya knew that their salon would specialize in lymphatic drainage massage and skincare. They believed that the combination of these 2 services would be a game-changer for their clients.

Finally, their hard work paid off, and the salon was ready to open its doors. The beautiful space was elegantly decorated with a serene and calming ambiance. The co-owners couldn’t wait to welcome their clients.

Within two years, a small chamber studio has grown into a full-fledged beauty salon in the center of New York, next to the Empire State Building with services such as body contouring, laser therapy and provides regular skincare routines and different hardware facial programs.

Within days of opening, the salon was busy with clients booking appointments actively. Word-of-mouth travelled fast as customer after customer left the salon thrilled with their treatments. They were coming out more relaxed, more beautiful, and more confident than ever before. Dasha and Evgeniya couldn’t have been happier.

They spent months researching and finding the best highly trained and certified therapists to preform these procedure with the goal of providing exceptional services. Nowadays Le Daje has five more amazing girls in a team, sales managers, estheticians and body therapists .

Le Daje continues to develop its business. To date, plans are under way to open additional spaces in New York, New Jersey and Miami.

But despite the business processes, these two women from small towns in Ukraine and Russia have never lost sight of their original goal of providing exceptional services that made clients feel and look their best. And they both knew, they had made a beautiful dream come true.